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The Joseph in you

Isn't it great that we know the outcome of Joseph's story?... what gets us down most times is the unknown end. As Christians we quote Jeremiah 29:11 which says

"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope." 

I believe it. But, where I or even you perhaps get stuck, is in the moment of our turmoil. The place of now; where things look out of place. You should have had the baby by now. You should have gotten the promotion. Your business should have exploded by now... the list goes on. The troubling part is not "if" God will lead me to an end of hope, but "when".

Don't you wish you knew the answer to that? There are a lot of us "waiting on God" and just knowing the WHEN would be sunshine to all of us. But, there is goodnews...

My hope comes in knowing that while Joseph was in prison, he was extremely useful. He was somewhat appreciated; at least by the …
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Pastor Tony Rapu - You Next Bold Move

This word changed my life - February 2015 was my personal encounter ... Be blessed.


There comes a time in a parent's life when we must trust that we've guided our children in the way they should go.  That trust also means that they are their own individuals - their Creator birthed them, and yes, He needed us in order to bring about His plan, but, He thought of them before we did. After all, they are called gifts! When the Giver gives a gift, He alone knows what He's put inside; we can do our best to observe and instruct, nurture and love, discipline and play (chuckle) with our gifts, but we don't know their fullest potentials except it is specifically revealed to us. 
Therefore, I pray that as parents, that we would not be stuck in our own ways to the effect that it blinds us to see the true beauty of the individuality of our beloved children. That we would see that it is our highest joy and fulfillment that our children not just obey us, but that they obey God first, even if we don't agree with it, we must see beyond our traditions and rise to s…

Rita Springer - Battles

Singing "every battle is Yours" over and over again... Listen and be reassured.

Rising Up

"Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God" Rom. 10:17

Maybe it's me, but I find that I tend to forget. What I mean is, I forget what I had already learnt. It's like I went through a situation and came out of it acknowledging the lessons from it, but then time passes by and I'm facing a very similar incident, but this time I forget that I've gone through this before and so instead of struggling like I don't know what to do, I ought to stay calm and remember how God brought me out the last time.

Why does the heart forget?

I'll never forget the day, many years ago (probably about a decade or so), my eldest sis sees me with a shopping bag from Barnes and Nobles (a bookstore) and she says "i can guess! it's either a book on men or about relationships"... she was right. I had bought another book on relationships. Back then, I felt like I really needed to study men and understand them, especially since I was hoping to become a Mr…

Don't try to change me

I think that perhaps sometimes, not all times, but sometimes, those who aren't Christians, believe that Christians are out to change them.
The other day I was thinking about the way I'm raising my son; he's quite active, and has a personality that most would call strong-willed. I call him a gift.  Although, when I initially got my precious "gift," for some reason, I thought he would come wired just like me! You know, a child who listens and immediately obeys whatever Mommy says... how about this - he wants to do the things that he can and can not do, all by himself, and when he gets frustrated with a task that he can't do at the time, he'd rather cry than seek for assistance. He's 3, so I'm not expecting him to know how to do all things for himself. There are times when I just let him do his thing, and there are other times; when we're on a time crunch and he's oblivious to our need to get going, in those instances, I hurriedly take over …

"I will tell you what He did for me" Psa. 66:16

So I struggled on whether or not to add this because you know, I felt it's too personal, it's not useful, is it even beneficial to anyone or myself? I concluded that it is needful because if you're like me, sometimes we have our lives sort of planned out to an extent, and we believe that those plans will work out exactly as we've imagined. So it was important for me to share this story because I'm hoping that our response in the midst of unexpected/unwanted circumstances will be in-line with the heart of God; not fully understanding Him but choosing to trust Him. I had heard about preeclampsia before, but all I knew about it was that it had to do with high blood pressure and protein in the urine. At some point in my pregnancy I had gained 10 lbs in 2 weeks but my Dr wasn't concerned about it but mentioned it as something to watch and to exercise - which I did... started taking walks. I was gaining a lot of weight from my first trimester anyways, but I just ass…